Can We Calm Down About Spoilers?

On the one hand, I understand not wanting a movie, tv show, book, etc… spoiled. Part of the fun is experiencing the story for yourself, I get that.

But lately I’ve been feeling like people are using spoilers to avoid negative legal action, like they could get sued if they aren’t clear enough in their spoiler disclaimer.

I listen to multiple podcasts, one of them reviews Disney movies and one of them reviews Agents of SHIELD and the MCU. Both spend time in almost every episode making clear that they will be spoiling whatever it is they’re talking about and almost every episode I want to say, “Duh! That’s why I’m listening to your podcast.”

I think that we should be smart enough to know when and where spoilers will pop up. If you go searching for a movie review, don’t get angry if something gets spoiled for you, that’s what movie reviews do, they tell you about the movie.

Can movie reviews be spoiler-free? Sure. Should they all be spoiler-free? No, because then no discussion could be had about the story in question.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t throw out a quick spoiler disclaimer in our reviews (I did when I reviewed The Winter Soldier over at TheDisneyBlog) but I am saying two things:

1) Let’s give people more credit in understanding when and where spoilers will be
2) Stop pretending like not giving a disclaimer will result in legal action

Our life will not be ruined if we find out that Darth Vader is Luke’s father by some other means than watching it unfold on screen ourselves.


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