The Nerd’s Bookshelf: Dispatch From Disneyland


Dispatch from Disneyland is written like no other Disney book I’ve read. In a collection of short, fictional stories, John Frost engages Walt’s park – its lands in general and specific attractions – as if the stories they tell are real.

You’re not just walking through Tarzan’s Treehouse (or, as my wife likes to call it, “The Queue That Doesn’t Lead To A Ride”), you are interacting with Tarzan, Jane and the rest of the characters. You are in the treehouse’s story.

The line between reality and imagination are blurred in such a way that, as a storyteller, I really love. The stories of the parks are one of the main reasons I go every year and Dispatch from Disneyland allows me to become a part of those stories in a way that no POV video on YouTube can.

If you love Disney Parks, especially the original park, this is great read and if you buy it digitally today, the price is only $5. The downside to the digital copy is that it is PDF, which, as I said earlier, is not my favorite way to read a book on my iWhatever.

One thought on “The Nerd’s Bookshelf: Dispatch From Disneyland

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks You For The Wonderful Review. There Is A Kindle Version For Those Who Prefer That Format. It Too Is $5.Oo. And Of Course Version.There Is The Print version.


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