The Nerd’s Bookshelf: 102 Ways to Save Money for and at Walt Disney World


Lou Mongello has graciously given me a copy of his new book to review. The book is his, the opinion is mine.

I’ve been an avid listener of Lou Mongello’s WDWRadio podcast for a couple of years now and really enjoy the community he’s formed there. He does a great job connecting with people and connecting people with Disney.

So, as a fan of Lou’s and as someone who has to visit WDW on a tight budget, my ears perked up the other night when he announced his new book, 102 Ways To Save Money For And At Walt Disney World.

Clocking in at almost 200 pages, 102 Ways leaves very few stones unturned, starting even before you make your trek down to Orlando with ways you can begin to save money at home for your trip.

I like that he gives more than one option for saving money in different areas. For example, almost every other place that offers money saving tips for WDW says that staying off property is the only way to go. On property is just too expensive. While Lou gives merit to this idea, he also explains ways that you can save money while staying on property.

I also like that he doesn’t condone spending money that isn’t yours (i.e. using a credit card) excessively.

While I look forward to the print version coming out (and the e-versions) because I don’t usually like how PDFs flow on my tablet, I do like that he includes links to specific episodes of his podcast and other videos for the reader to gain more information on various topics.

Cory Disbrow, over at provided the photos for this book and they are beautiful.

Right now, you can go to to buy and download the PDF version of the book or you can wait a little while longer for the e-book versions or the print version, but whichever version you prefer, you should definitely grab this book if you’re planning a trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth.

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